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The Debt Ratio and Sustainable Macroeconomic Policy

Scott T. Fullwiler

…markets and “printing money” is inherently inflationary. Combining these assumptions with the broader world view of monetary policy as the appropriate sole manager of the macroeconomy, neoclassicals essentially define fiscal…
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Climate Change, Procrastination and Asymmetric Power

Korkut Alp Ertürk, Jason Whittle

…prisoner’s dilemma model, the paper illustrates how developed countries’ power to externalize their emissions to the global commons skews their cost-benefit calculation in favor of putting off mitigation efforts into…
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Taxes are for Redemption, Not Spending

L. Randall Wray

printing presses to finance deficits raises the spectre of inflation, with too much money chasing too few goods. Hence, prudency dictates relying on taxes to pay for most government spending….
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Rethinking Economics: Downs with Traction

Stuart Birks

…political process, and develops propositions on the operation of a democracy. Two key assumptions were no false information and no irrationality. As he acknowledged, neither is realistic. There is extensive…
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Worldwide Fiscal Crisis: Fact or Fiction?

John T. Harvey

…his explanation of the money-supply process. William Mitchell’s paper, while entirely consistent with those of Wray and Fullwiler, looks more specifically at the European Union. Mitchell starts by reminding the…
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Rationality in the Theory of the Firm

Russell K. Standish, Stephen L. Keen

…fact was used in our previous presentation. This paper deals with correcting the derivation of the Keen equilibrium, and generalising the result to the asymmetric case. As well, we discuss…
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Deconstructing the Theory of Comparative Advantage

Reinhard Schumacher

…of comparative advantage, is unconvincing as a complement. It is concluded that the theory of comparative advantage should be dismissed. International trade theory, by relying on this theory, risks ignoring…
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Imperial Partitioning in the Neoliberal University

Cathy Wagner, Theresa Kulbaga, Jennifer Cohen

…this process of “differentiation,” the creation and maintenance of difference, is, in practice, the production of inequality, which disadvantages regional campus students as well as members of the regional faculty….
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…more space is really needed to make the main points. The Editors may ask that a paper is made concise before it is put online in the Discussion Forum. The…
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Call for Papers: Tax Havens

…some measures, over half of banking assets and liabilities are routed through secrecy jurisdictions; more than half of world trade passes (on paper) through them; virtually every major multinational company
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Email: Jayati Ghosh, India, Jawaharlal Nehru University: John Weeks, UK, University of London: Susan Feiner, USA, University of Southern Maine: Esteban Perez Caldentey, Chile, Economic Commission…
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